Our experience days

We believe that children should not just learn from books, but as is the way in Greece, should be granted the opportunity of first-hand experience and learning. This not only has advantages from an educational perspective but allows the children self-exploration and development too. The children are able to experience a different culture first-hand.

Due to the success and expansion of the restaurants alongside the growing population of The Greek community within Hull, we were approached back in 2019 by a school requesting a Greek educational session to run alongside their Greek history module as part of the National curriculum. We found this session so inspiring and enjoyable for all involved from our staff, the teachers and children involved that we now offer these sessions on a regular basis.

Whats included

The sessions include a personal introduction, meet and greet with our staff, including learning some basic Greek greetings and popular expressions, a discussion around Greek culture; our home, food and inspiration; the children then get to sample some of the dishes we have discussed and prepared, there is then time for a Q&A session (these always prove entertaining!)

*Dietary requirements and allergies need to be taken into consideration, for more information request one of our session packs please fill out the contact from below.